Singing Together

For 25 years, The Amateurs have been laughing, smiling, and making music together.  We’ve formed countless friendships (and even a few marriages).  Back in 1991, our founding members weren’t quite an a cappella group, using instruments to support their sound.  And though our instruments have fallen by the wayside, we continue to foster the same modus operandi as all those years ago: do it because you love it.  When we performed in the 2017 ICCA Quarterfinals, our number one goal was to go out on stage and have a blast with the people we love most. Advancing to semifinals was just icing on the cake.  

In 2017, we are looking forward to producing our 10th studio album.  But in order to do this, and all of our other exciting opportunities, we need your help!  With that said, The Amateurs are happy to announce the kickoff of our first official fundraising campaign: Singing Together.  Help us raise $10,000 by our spring concert in 2019 so that we can achieve our mission and ensure a stable financial future for years to come.  

Our Goals

1. Creating new and exciting content
Putting out an album that we love: $5000
Producing and creating a new music video:  $1500

2. Growing a fAMAly
Subsidies for group members with financial need to be used over the next few years: $1500

3. Trailblazing WashU a cappella
Creating new opportunities for WashU a cappella groups (individual mics)
Pyle Pro PDWM8400 8-Mic VHF Wireless Rack Mount
Microphone System X3: $659.97$1000

Sounding our best (soundboard)
24 channel digital mixer: $2000

 Thank you!