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Welcome to the Amateurs auditions page! Here we will answer all of your auditions questions, from “why should I audition?” to “what do I need to know before walking into the audition room?”. For more information on the group itself, visit our about us section and like us on Facebook for more updates on the upcoming auditions season. Auditions will be held from August 30th — September 1st in Eliot A Library on the South 40. For directions on how to get there you can check out this map or ask your RA. Sign up here!

If you have any questions about The Amateurs, life at Wash U, or life in general, send us an e-mail to! If you would like to set up a time to chat on the phone with any of our Members who shares a major, voice part, or interest with you, let us know in your e-mail!


Why choose The Amateurs?


The Amateurs are the closest family

 you will find at Wash U. In a group like this, you'll find your home away from home. Even with all the time we spend in rehearsals and performances, we still find more reasons

to spend time with one another! We become each other's friends, roommates, mentors, and support. There is no other group any of us would rather be a part of. We travel, eat brunch, have movie nights, make 3 am donut runs, and have more inside jokes than we know what to do with. We can’t wait to share them with you!

Together, we create something truly amazing.
We feel so fortunate to find ourselves in a group of unique and passionate people who enjoy every aspect of music together. We take pride in our music, and we work hard together to create our own individual sound. We sing because

we love music and each other, and the success we have had is merely a by-product.

The Amateurs gives us incredible opportunities. Each year has given us great opportunities to perform for, meet, and share our love of music with groups and individuals. We get to meet the Chancellor and other Wash U Board Members every year, we sing for CEOs, and we give back to the community at volunteer performances. We are also so fortunate to perform with other a cappella groups from WashU and other universities around the country.

Would you like to speak with an Amateur

aboutwhy they chose The Amateurs? Send an e-mail to, and we’ll set up a time to chat!


What is an Amateurs audition like?

When you walk into the room, expect a relaxed and fun time! We’ll start by chatting for a couple minutes to get to know more about you and your unique musical interests. After that, we will sing through scales to warm you up and check out the top and bottom of your range. We will then play a few notes in a row on the piano and ask you to sing them back to us. It’s just a matter of listening and repeating what you hear. Finally, we ask that you come prepared to sing a verse and a chorus of any song you like that shows off your unique voice. Don’t be afraid to take some risks! There will be no accompaniment (we’re an a cappella group, remember?) but you can certainly ask for a starting note.

Can’t find a good song to sing for your audition? Check out our repertoire list, or browse through our member bios to see what we sang for our own Amateurs auditions!


Do you have any advice for auditions?

We put all of our auditions tips in a lovely Buzzfeed article called 10 Tips To Rock Your A Cappella Audition

How handy is that??

What are The Amateurs looking for?

Just be yourself! We take anyone who brings something unique to our group and makes us better, so we never try to fill voice part quotas or replace graduating seniors. We like to hear your solo voice in Auditions and how your voice blends with our group in Callbacks. We can’t wait to hear how your voice and musical interests will fit in our group!


What is the time commitment for The Amateurs?

The Amateurs have 2 rehearsals during the week for 2 hours each and 1 rehearsal during the weekend for 3 hours. We understand that this is a big time commitment, so we make sure to schedule rehearsals to accommodate all our members' commitments to school and other extracurriculars. On top of rehearsals, the Amateurs perform at about 1 gig a week, and we make sure that the performance schedule works with our individual schedules as well.

What are The Amateurs doing this year?

Last year was a busy one, and we plan to build on our momentum! In the fall, we plan on entertaining at dinners and weddings, caroling at house parties, and performing at many amazing gigs around St. Louis and the country. During Fall Break, the Amateurs retreat to Lake of The Ozarks together. We will also continue to work on our next studio album and our big performances in the spring!

As our new group develops, we will decide if we are competing in ICCA during our spring semester. Later in the spring, we put on our big annual concert called Goin’ Pro. We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, and we can't wait to see our beloved musical ancestors from around the country/world!

As our national reputation expands, expect some great surprises throughout the year!

Can I see the Amateurs perform live before my audition?

Of course you can! All of our pre-auditions performances are listed below, but you can also check out old performances on Youtube or our music on Spotify or iTunes!

1) The Amateurs will be dressed to the nines on to sing the Wash U Alma Mater at Freshman Convocation. After Convocation, the Amateurs will be singing their modern repertoire at the Underpass.
2) The Amateurs will be performing at SUp All Night! Come stop by, say hi, and listen to us perform!
3) Come meet The Amateurs and the rest of the a cappella groups at Wash U at the ACAC Info Session on Tuesday, August 30th. We will also be performing one of our favorite songs!
4) In the week leading up to Auditions (August 30th-September 1st), The Amateurs will be joining The Stereotypes and After Dark to put on mini-concerts at Residential College on the South 40. Look for posters in your dorm for more information on timing!